Portfolio: Documenting Medical Missions Worldwide, Photography Images That Heal NY

Bruce Byers is a storyteller who presents a compelling photographic narrative of the medical missions that save children’s lives and changes them forever. Since 2006 Bruce has been documenting missions to bring home the real story behind the great work these doctors do. The links on this site will take you to those worlds and beyond.

Cleft and Dental Missions

Bruce has concentrated on Cleft and Dental missions into 3rd world countries where the need is the greatest. The work the doctors do in these missions does more than a correct a lip or a pull a tooth. These surgeries give a new life that these children would never of had if it was not for these medical missions.

Bruce has linked up with:

How You Can Help

Bruce is hoping to link up with drug or supply companies to expand this medical help. He knows a large pool of doctors that are willing to give their time. The missions need funding and supplies to get there. If you or your company can help or can supply the means of getting help, Bruce and the kids would be grateful. Please contact him at byers@brucebyers.com.

Portfolio: Documenting Medical Missions Worldwide, Photography Images That Heal NY.

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