Economy Heroes – the Freedom Fight for Entrepreneurs


In his fascinating and sobering book, the 4th Turning, William Strauss chronicles patterns in America’s economic history.  He describes these patterns as cyclical “Turnings” that have occurred in our economy since the first ringing of the Liberty Bell:

  1. A High
  2. An Awakening
  3. An Unraveling
  4. A Crisis

Although The 4th Turning was published in the mid 1990’s it received little attention until 9/11, when many took notice of how that disaster fit into the 4 turnings, specifically the 4th.  In the author’s opinion we are currently in the Crisis Turning, and could be for the next decade.  But there is good news.

The good news is that “heroes” have surfaced in every 4th turn to rescue the economy from collapse.  The last 4th turning occurred in the Depression when The Greatest Generation stepped in, not only to emerge victorious in a World War but…

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