In-Between the Old and the New

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When we are in-between relationships, in-between careers or jobs, in-between classes, in-between decisions etc…  we may find ourselves uncomfortably aware that we have no choice but to let go of the old and familiar.  We are generally apprehensive because we have no control or knowledge of the future, which makes us nervous as we ponder the state of our affairs.  We are generally uncomfortable at this in-between stage of waiting for the new because we feel like we are literally standing still with our hands empty. We have little faith and that Spirit will not come through with the blessing we are praying for.

The uncomfortable feeling of being in-between drives us to attempt to control the manifestation or force it to come forward sooner.  When it does not, we may return and settle for the old and familiar even though we may strongly desire change.  When we totally let…

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One Response to In-Between the Old and the New

  1. goodkim says:

    Yeah! Totally agree about the junk part. You really can’t reach for something refreshing, new, invigorating, growth-inspiring without releasing what doesn’t serve you anymore. But what I’d like to explore is HOW to let that junk go, cuz as they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Yes, sometimes I DO shop at Good Will and find some great treasures. Maybe that’s how easy it is. Let it go so someone else who is ready can value it now.

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