Goodwill Industries International Recognized as a Certified Green Business

Goodwill Industries International Recognized as a Certified Green Business in Montgomery County, MD February 25, 2011


Network of 165 community-based agencies in the United States and Canada with affiliates in 13 other countries.

Provides job training and employment services, job placement opportunities and post-employment support.

Strengthens communities and families by training people to become independent, tax-paying members of society.


Over 4.2 million people benefited from Goodwill career services.

Over 189,000 people placed in jobs.

$4.4 billion total revenue.

82 percent of revenues funded employment programs and support services.

More than 2,700 stores and an online auction site,

Over 79 million donors.

Certified Green Business Logo

ROCKVILLE, MD — Goodwill Industries International has been named a certified green business through the Montgomery County Maryland Green Business Certification Program. The program recognizes businesses and other entities that have taken voluntary steps to protect, preserve and improve the environment on behalf of the Department of Environmental Protection and Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

As a certified green business, Goodwill® was vetted as an agency that operates in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, including conserving energy and water, reducing its carbon footprint and generating less waste. The on-site reviewer praised Goodwill for its extensive sustainability policies, energy management initiatives and recycling programs.

Goodwill’s detailed sustainability policies govern business practices and operations in six categories: energy conservation, transportation and telecommuting, water conservation, purchasing, waste management, green cleaning and pollution prevention, and training and education. In addition to providing guidelines for staff behavior, the policies outline reporting requirements and set benchmarks for future success.

“Goodwill Industries International is committed to preserving the environment and strengthening communities,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “As the headquarters of an enterprise of agencies that promote social and environmental leadership, we hope to serve as an example of what it means to be an environmental pioneer.”

The certification was achieved under the guidance of Eco-Coach, an environmental sustainability advisory firm based in Washington, DC, and through the work of a dedicated green team, made up of

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One Response to Goodwill Industries International Recognized as a Certified Green Business

  1. David Gademan says:

    Hello Steve! This is one of the things which should almost piss people off about “The Green Movement” The current administration cooked the books declaring “jobs” which already existed such as this as being “created” to make it seem as though more real ideas existed. My solar idea which would create a job for me at least was passed up in favor of a proposal to tell hairdressers how to use “soap” to be Greener… My Whimsy Box is a Green idea… Clean your house and send the junk to someone else instead of renting a storage shed that trees have to be cut down to build. I need less junk or at least more useful junk! I’ll let you know about the weekend soon. Doesn’t look good. Reply via traditional Email or FB.

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