Views from the Center

Marissa O’Loughlin

In a world of polarization, [North and South Pole, West and East Coast] perhaps the strongest, non-geographic example of polarization an American can see everyday is between Republicans and Democrats.  With this year’s election rapidly approaching, a refreshingly necessary and, up until now, nonexistent think-tank has now arrived, calling themselves Views from the Center.  Made up of Western Connecticut State University honors students, Views from the Center investigates, analyzes, and writes domestic policy.  Whether a proposal or reformation, this academic powerhouse does what little other policy writing bodies do: they cite their papers.  Every fact stated has a credible source, which can be accessed by anyone skeptical of his or her proposal or reformation plan.

Aside from complete transparency of thought, these Western Connecticut State University students observe politics through a lens that other policy-making groups shy away from all too often; they are bipartisan and nonpartisan.  Young people approaching politics through logic and not through the cookie-cutter, previously established agendas of a political party is both an academic and layman’s dream.

While some may view their policy proposals as idealistic, Views from the Center makes it hard to argue with facts, especially facts that are footnoted for their reader.  One proposal they have published is to reform the income tax system to make it simple, efficient, and fair while creating jobs and increasing revenue.  For fully cited, bipartisan and nonpartisan policy proposals written by Western Connecticut State University honors students, and for more information on Views from the Center, please visit and/or ttp://


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