At Dusk I

Hayley McIntosh

Everything went as planned until the sun began to set. It crawled, slowly at first. Then faster, like a splash of water gliding down a window pane. Soon, it was there no more. My attitude changed. At first I was happy. Elated. Curious about the world around me. Then dusk happened, and the sun fell below the horizon. I was scared. I felt betrayed. Then all of a sudden I was alone. I was by myself in the forest, banished, with no one else around, save the rocks that towered over me. They dwarfed me, standing tall above my head. Making me feel as insignificant as the needles on the trees, pointing straight to the heavens. They were cold, and smooth, and if it were not for the moon light glowing, they would have blended right into the sand. And then I heard it.

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