Why the US is Falling Behind on Alternative Energy

Hint: it has a lot to do with the government’s unwillingness to jump-start this sector the way it has previously jump-started such (polluting) sectors as automobile (not even talking about the bailouts, but about government-subsidized road construction starting more than 100 years ago) and of course, fossil/nuclear fuels.

Read this article from Green America to learn more about the ways governments in places like Germany and China have made renewable energy a priority. And then think about what would happen if the US created a Marshal Plan-style federal program to buy enough solar that it becomes affordable for all—as I have called for many times (see, for example, http://greenandprofitable.com/an-open-letter-to-nancy-pelosi-and-harry-reid/).

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One Response to Why the US is Falling Behind on Alternative Energy

  1. dave06516 says:

    The USA has fallen behind due to the decsions of our elected officials who support subsidies for big oil, big coal and the established energy distribution system

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