Leonid meteors might have final flare-up Tuesday morning! | Space | EarthSky

Leonid meteors might have final flare-up Tuesday morning! Earth encounters debris from comet, via AstroBob Time to look is between 12:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. EST on November 20. That’s 5:30 to 8 UTC on November 20. Link for watching online in this post. googletag.cmd.pushfunction { googletag.displaydiv-gpt-ad-1336062812552-0; }; We heard quite a few people say they were disappointed by this past weekend’s annual display of Leonid meteors. The peak of the shower was Saturday morning, November 17, 2012 but apparently didn’t produce its predicted peak of 10 to 15 meteors per hour. Long-time sky writer Joe Rao at MSNBC.com, though, said earlier today you should give the Leonids another try tonight, especially if you live in North America. Rao said:The traditional peak for the Leonids occurred before dawn on Saturday morning. Many reports however, indicate that this year’s display was unusually weak … But that’s not the end of the Leonids for this year. The year 2012 offers some of us another chance early Tuesday morning when the Earth passes through another Leonids debris stream.EarthSky Facebook friend Garry Snow captured several photos of meteors over the past few nights, after the peak of the shower. This one is from this morning, November 19, 2012. Thanks, Garry!Meteors in annual showers happen when Earth encounters debris left behind by a comet. Astronomers have learned to calculate the various streams of debris in space, left behind by comets at different passages near the sun. Image by AstroBobWhy might there be an extra peak for the Leonid meteor shower? Like all meteors in annual showers, Leonid meteors originate as bits of icy debris left behind in the orbit of a comet, in this case Comet Tempel-Tuttle. Astronomers in recent years have been able to map the whereabouts of streams of debris left behind by comets. Two astronomers, Jérémie Vaubaillon of France and Mikhail Maslov of Russia, have independently calculated that the Earth is on target to pass directly through a small clump of debris shed by Tempel-Tuttle on Tuesday morning, November 20 according to U.S. clocks – see below for more about times.

via Leonid meteors might have final flare-up Tuesday morning! | Space | EarthSky.



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