A Simple Hello

A simple hello
Can turn into a conversation
A conversation can become friendship,
Friendship can lead to networking and relationships.
Life is about relationships so I thought I would say hello!

I hope you and yours are doing well
What is new in your life?  I believe that a few good people can make a difference in the world. So I created a multimedia publication called THE GOOD WORD, I thought that by spotlighting people that were doing good things it might encourage others to do the same. My hope and dream is that it becomes contagious and people will learn that they can do well by doing good.

Do you believe in Goodness? Would you like to make a difference? Now you can! You can start promoting your business, organization, band or art with THE GOOD WORD. You Can Get Started For FREE. Our dream is to inspire the dreams of others!

Could you help?

We are looking for a few good people:
Do you have skills in sales, marketing, production, distribution, finance, legal? We would love to hear from you, we are growing THE GOOD WORD from the ground up.

We have immediate need for:                                                                           

Please help spread THE GOOD WORD

I hope you enjoy the holiday season and look forward to hearing back from you soon! You can contact me below or simply ad a comment at the bottom of the post.

– Steve Schappert   203-994-3950  Steve@TheGreenMarketingCompany.com



About GreenMarketingCompany

Utilizing a sustainable approach to business development we can help you create deep bonds of loyalty, increasing long and short term profits. The world is going green, and The Green Marketing Company can help you reach more customers and develop the green side of your business cost effectively. We are a full service sales and marketing company offering advertising, database development, distribution, events, graphic design, marketing, promotional products, public relations, research, social media, video, websites, accounting, inventory control and point of sale systems. The key to green marketing; plant the seeds, cultivate your relationships, fertilize with education, plow through your competition and reap the rewards.
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