27 Angels

27 angels
Please share far and wide, thank you.

Amidst the disbelief and grief
we search for relief
it’s hard to find the good
even though we know we should
27 angels ascended to heaven
some we knew never knew, some were brethren
the evil seeks attention
we search for prevention
take away what they seek
and they become weak
to keep those safe that you adore
turn your back on the monsters and just ignore
never mention their name
tell others to do the same
there must only be one fate for those that hate
to be erased for all time from history
cast out in silence and obscurity
honour our lost with love and purity
-Steve Schappert


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2 Responses to 27 Angels

  1. Sandra Wrobel says:

    I believe that there is and will be good coming forth from the Sandy Hook School in Newtown. People are now more acutely aware of being concerned about each other. The location is very close to the closed down former Fairfield Hills Hospital for the mentally ill. Perhaps more emphasis will now be placed on what is the best way and newer ways to take care of our mentally ill. Definitely there will be more debate over gun control. In this case, his mother whom he also killed, legally perchased the guns and took him to shooting ranges, because she felt it was a way to bond with her son. While I admire the feelings and thoughts in your poem, I do not believe that we can erase and cast out in silence and obsurity the person who caused this, We must carefully look at the details to make mankind’s life better. We need to know what are the problem areas in order to repair them. Judas comes to my mind as I think about what has happened.

    • GreenMarketingCompany says:

      Yes we must learn from the past, however there are way too many people encouraged to do wrong in order to be noticed. The majority of the media helps encourage the behavior by spotlighting it.

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