Next Print Edition Due Out In January 2013

We help you spread the good word about the good things you do, which is 10 times more powerful than you claiming to be the best.  People buy because they like you and they buy based on emotion. We help you evoke that emotion and encourage people to support you and your business.

100,000 distribution in Western CT & Westchester NY. A unique opportunity to showcase the good things you do. Your heart warming stories will increase sales by evoking emotion. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out in a crowded market place!

<- Rough draft jpg  click here to see the 2 page pdf.  

We expect our distribution to reach way beyond 100,000 as we will encourage readers to take a free copy and share the good news with others.  All copies will be distributed by hand, no mail, no inserts, just real people saying hello to real people and spreading  the good word.  We will target every business door in our territory, hospitals, schools, every waiting room we can find.  Copies in waiting rooms will be read over and over again as there will not be a date on the issue, making it a timeless piece.

Picture Contest:  We will offer a free ad for your business, non profit or charity of your choice for the best picture of a copy of The Good Word.  Can we reach the Great Wall of China? I think we can, I think we can!

Every Advertiser receives 1000 copies!  That’s right if you advertise in THE GOOD WORD you will receive 1000 copies to distribute among your family and friends.  Again, there is no date so you can share the good thing you do as long as you want.  Being featured in THE GOOD WORD next to other businesses that talk about the good things they do elevates your image in the consumers mind, together we send a powerful, positive message that you can do well by doing good.

The GOOD WORD is a multimedia publication. Advertising packages include:

  • Print Ad: 100,000 copies delivered by hand, door to door to local businesses in Western CT and Westchester NY.
  • Online Ad:  The print publication is available online, your ad will be uploaded as soon as your payment is received to increase your exposure. Your ad will be included in our
    promotional efforts.
  • Social Media:  The publication and your ad will be featured on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, & Tumbler.  We own 132 Twitter accounts and 36 Facebook pages, your message will travel wide, far & local. (Print Package Details)
  • Advertise today, don’t pay till May: 6 month advertising packages start as low as $175!  Your campaign begins immediately however we offer 6 months of advertising with no payments or interest. Your campaign can start immediately with an online ad and social media campaign that leads up to the print edition in January. (Billing Details)


THE GOOD WORD is uniquely positioned to promote the good things you do, win more friends and gain more customers!

 Email Steve Schappert Today or call 203-994-3950  to determine the most effective way to promote your business with us. Custom packages are available to meet your needs.

About GreenMarketingCompany

Utilizing a sustainable approach to business development we can help you create deep bonds of loyalty, increasing long and short term profits. The world is going green, and The Green Marketing Company can help you reach more customers and develop the green side of your business cost effectively. We are a full service sales and marketing company offering advertising, database development, distribution, events, graphic design, marketing, promotional products, public relations, research, social media, video, websites, accounting, inventory control and point of sale systems. The key to green marketing; plant the seeds, cultivate your relationships, fertilize with education, plow through your competition and reap the rewards.
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