What is Gangnam?

Apparently Gangnam is the largest word ever, in the universal language of music. If you’re an old guy like me (48) you are probably wondering what the heck this Gangnam stuff is about. Apparently there is a wildly popular video with over a billion views on YouTube, yup, I said BILLION with a capital “B”! The first video ever to reach that number and apparently it happened in a very short amount of time, hovering over 1.1 billion after 5 months. I can’t say it’s my style but getting a billion people to like anything is quite an accomplishment. I would give the video a pg 13 rating it has pretty girls in tight shorts just like the NFL and mild sexual innuendo. It has very limited lyrics which makes it easy for a vast # of people to sing along and it has a simple beat making it easy to dance to.

By most music standards it is total crap, but that is my opinion lol! I do have to give them credit for following a simple formula that is missed by most…KISS Keep It Simple Stupid, but I think we will change the formula slightly to “keep it simple and stupid”. Don’t get me wrong, their formula is pure genius in its simplicity whether you like the song or not. Give it a click , judge for yourself and leave a comment below.


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One Response to What is Gangnam?

  1. yomicfit says:

    Have you read “Made To Crave” by Lysa Terkuerst?
    Very good book. God centered.
    Also she has a video if you want to get a group together.
    Love it!

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