Overcoming evil with humor: Achmed The Dead Terrorist

LaughterTwo things I tried to teach my kids when they were young was the power of humor and an apology. Some think saying you are sorry is a sign of weakness, but frankly it is just the opposite. Each day you do and say things that affect others. Sometimes you may hurt someone unintentionally, so suck it up and say, “I’m sorry”. It takes a big person to admit when they are wrong and at some point we all are. Cowards hold on to the belief that they are perfect because it is too painful to admit the truth.

As a parent I felt it was important to teach my kids how to find happiness. I always said, “I don’t care if you are laughing at me or with me, as long as you are laughing”, their happiness was greater than my own. Life is filled with pain, evil and hardship and every moment of every day you have a choice, you can laugh or cry. Todays featured video is Achmed the dead terrorist because 160 million people think it is funny. So if I offend you in any way, I apologize, but I choose to live and laugh.

Jeff Dunham also chooses to address difficult topics and help us find humor. If we could look at each others differences and laugh about them instead of fearing each other, that would be a good thing! Hope you enjoy the video and it adds a smile to your day. -Steve

Jeff Dunham (born April 18, 1962) is an American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian who has also appeared on numerous television shows, including Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show and Sonny With a Chance. He has five specials that run on Comedy Central: Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself, Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity, Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special, Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos and Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters. Dunham also starred in The Jeff Dunham Show, a series on the network in 2009.[1] His style has been described as “a dressed-down, more digestible version of Don Rickles with multiple personality disorder“.[dead link][2] Describing his characters, Time observes, “All of them are politically incorrect, gratuitously insulting and ill tempered.”[3] Dunham has been credited with reviving ventriloquism,[4] and doing more to promote the art form than anyone since Edgar Bergen.[1]

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Achmed is the skeletal corpse of an incompetent suicide bomber, whom Dunham uses to satirize the contemporary issue of terrorism. He is known for yelling, “Silence! I kill you!” to Dunham and people laughing in the audience. Achmed first appeared in Spark of Insanity, later appearing in subsequent Dunham specials. He is said to be afraid of Walter, partially because he finds Walter’s flatulence to be more potent than mustard gas. In Very Special Christmas Special, he sings a song called “Jingle Bombs”. He also dubs the so-called “Guitar Guy” a “racist bastard” for warming up using a typical Arab mode. When mentioning that Achmed appears to be dead because he’s a skeleton, Achmed responds, “It’s a flesh wound.” When Dunham inquires as to how he died, Achmed explains his incompetence with explosives, while also casting aspersions on Dunham’s sexual prowess, by saying that they both suffer from “premature detonation.” Although he frequently mentions working for Osama Bin Laden, Achmed claims he does not think he’s a Muslim (“Look at my ass! It says ‘Made in China’!”). By June 2009, the sketch in which Dunham introduced Achmed is the fourth most watched online video ever, having amassed nearly 200 million views.[3][40] The large, round, articulated eyes of puppets such as Achmed and Achmed Junior are constructed by the same effects artist who created the dinosaur eyes for the Jurassic Park films.[10]
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