The Four Things People Really Want

People can change with proper motivation but human nature doesn’t change, we all want what we want, when we want it and don’t want to admit it’s true. Here are the four things people really want and why.  Feel free to apply it to life or your next marketing campaign.

Grandfather Holds Newborn#1: Emotion
Are you a robot or a human being? Human beings need emotional arousal, electrification, participation, and stimulation.  What is life without the feeling of being alive? The four strongest emotions that are conducive to marketing are:
Excitement: Who doesn’t like to have fun?  I know I do, so show people having fun and link your product or service.
Love: Ahhhh we all long to be loved and if you are lucky you will meet someone that longs to love.  Deep love can bring a smile or a tear and those memories can be a motivating force in ones life long after the experience. Show family or loved ones interacting with each other and create a strong link to your product…Show the love!
Laughter: Sales can be like a good movie, if your gonna make’m cry you better make’m laugh or there is no happy ending!
Sex: Ok, I’m hoping I don’t have to explain this one, so just use your imagination as to why people want it.  If you want to use it to sell you won’t be the first, but you could strive for the best.  The big promise for most target audiences is that the product or service will make you more attractive to whoever you are attracted to.   The pretty girl, the hot guy or  the couple in some state of attraction while showcasing your product…timeless and effective, but choose your audience wisely.

Mature Senior Businessman Rubbing his Temples#2: Psychological Relief
People always want to feel better, even if they are having a great day there is always a list. This isn’t necessarily good or bad it’s simply human and makes us who we are. Show someone in some state of discomfort and how your product or service can help them with the head ache, tooth ache or fingers crazy glued to their cheek bones…I hate that one!

Man Standing in Spotlight

#3: Higher Status
Human nature doesn’t change much from high school,  the world gets divided into groups and we all want to feel we are accepted and appreciated. Three ways to achieve an image of higher status (keep in mind it’s  a moving target) :

Celebrity Endorsements: People like the sense of familiarity and association with celebrities. (Well, if he put his name on it, it must be good!)
High Price: Start high, then give them a compelling reason to buy now if they meet a desire criteria that helps you, this way you both win, which is actually the goal of every transaction. People want to get a deal, and tend to associate high price with higher-quality products and services.
Association: Show people in a high-status situation using your product or service, similar to an endorsement.

I'm Not Happy!#4: What They Can’t Have
How many sad country songs have been written about not knowing what you got till it’s gone. The child only wants the one toy in the play room that someone else is playing with.  Yup part of being human is being a little crazy! Show that your product or service is desirable and in demand, people want what they think they can’t have and what others do have.

By Steve Schappert based on Rick Ott’s course on “Creating Demand” available through Nightingale Conant.

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Utilizing a sustainable approach to business development we can help you create deep bonds of loyalty, increasing long and short term profits. The world is going green, and The Green Marketing Company can help you reach more customers and develop the green side of your business cost effectively. We are a full service sales and marketing company offering advertising, database development, distribution, events, graphic design, marketing, promotional products, public relations, research, social media, video, websites, accounting, inventory control and point of sale systems. The key to green marketing; plant the seeds, cultivate your relationships, fertilize with education, plow through your competition and reap the rewards.
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