Advertorial: Compelling, Heart Felt Stories That Sell!

Emotion sells, and a compelling, heart-felt story is the best way to spread the good word about your business.  There was a day that inspired you to start your business, we can help you share that story, make more friends and gain more loyal customers by sharing that story!

$250-$350   Advertorial: THE GOOD WORD can help you gain high visibility for your business and creatively market your business and products to your target consumer. Here’s what you receive when you advertise with THE GOOD WORD :

  • 600-word feature article
  • Photo Gallery with 10-20 photos
  • Front page huge ad!  3 1/2 ” x 3 1/2 “
  • 375 x 250 pixels hi-res
  • Search engine optimization with key words
  • LOW rates!!! Just $350/month for a front page ad
  • Top spot is $350 & decreases by $25 the lower on the page it is
  • Option for weekly article contributions
  • Your ad will go on, or one of our hyper local sites such as , the sites are linked seamlessly from the main menu.  Your ad will also go to our Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter pages. Your article will be featured on the home page with links to your websites.  THE GOOD WORD advertising gets results!

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