Quite Possibly The Most Powerful Ad You Will Ever Run

A great campaign starts with a ripple and builds upon itself, creating a tidal wave, covering all in it’s path. THE GOOD WORD gives you powerful market coverage.

 We offer print, online advertising, article submission & social media for one low price. We printed our first edition on July 15th!  Don’t miss a spectacular opportunity to spread the word about your business in Western Connecticut.  We offer way more exposure for far less! The success of your advertisement depends on the delivery, THE GOOD WORD simply offers more and we go to print in one week…Don’t Miss Out!

 Print ad: 2” x 3” ad on 100,000 copies being distributed to homes and businesses in Western CT 90% in Greater Danbury New Milford.   70,000 are distributed in the News Times & New Milford Spectrum, 30,000 are distributed  directly to business,  in the area.  Coffee houses, restaurants, waiting rooms everywhere. Our sales execs will use them to set up our distribution and recruit more advertisers over a month giving the issue a full 30 days of circulation and beyond.  That means your ad will be hand delivered to decision makers in your market area.

Online Advertising:  The ad will also appear online in color as a .doc so it is readable and it will remain online forever to increase your search engine rankings.

Article Submission:  The Good Word will publish an article about  your business up to 2000 words, highlighting the good things you do to succeed while helping people and the planet. You become the expert in your field by sharing your knowledge with others.  The article will be keyword rich and search engine friendly, publishing it on The Good Word along with other leaders that believe in doing well by doing good, will elevate your company’s image and dramatically increasing your exposure.

Social Media:  Your article will automatically be posted to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. As of today The Good Word has 15 Facebook pages for towns in western CT and will continue to ad one for every town in America and beyond.  We also have 40 Twitter accounts for towns and categories.  Your article will be retweeted and shared across the net, tapping into markets you didn’t know you had.

Personal Touch:  As our very first edition you will be dealing with a very excited team of people that are dedicated to doing good things, working hard and playing hard. Everyone you deal with at THE GOOD WORD is an owner, we are an partner owned social business enterprise. We are filing our 501 (C) (3) non-profit application.

Quality Content Drive Traffic:  We are in the process of registering 23 authors and plan to have 100 expert columnists within the next month as well as another 100 writers and journalist around the world capable of creating stories for you in any language.  This explosion in content will build traffic at light speed.

How we stack up against the competition:   I’ll keep it short and to the point, our print distribution is roughly double the closest competitor and our online banner  ads are available for a year at the price of the competitions monthly rate.

 Distribution:      THE GOOD WORD  100,000    PennySaver  53,000    Coffee News      40,000    News Times Sunday  32,000

Cost  Per  Copy: THE GOOD WORD  $.003        PennySaver  $.0043    Coffee News      $.0046

Cost for Print, online, article submission & social media  $399

Bannner Advertising  Available: We are offering yearly specials for local advertisers you get a banner ad, at the top of your town page for an entire year for only $150   All other local  businesses and stories will be linked under this banner.  Patch and Hamlet Hub are $140 – $150 per month.  Our 100,000 copies in addition to our rapid online growth  will explode our traffic beyond our competition

Hurry these pages won’t last long and when they are gone, they are gone for a year and those who jumped in first will have the first option to renew.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, I have to say I am really excited about this new direction in my life, I am putting everything into it and the reception is amazingly positive!

-Steve Schappert, Publisher at THE GOOD WORD  203-994-3950  INFO@THEGOODWORD.ME


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