Sponsor Your Home Town Page

THE GOOD WORD is building a global directory.  Inspiration has no boundaries or borders, we plan to shed some light on a world of disorder.  Our directory will include links to local events, schools, real estate, automotive, health, business, charity for every town in the world and it starts with you.  $150 buys you some valuable real estate.  You can own the top of your town page for 1 year for a one time payment of only $150.  Everyone else will come in under you.  Send us a banner ad  and up to 2000 words about what you do and how it helps people or the planet to  info@THEGOODWORD.info    Not sure what to say, we can help.

If you check the competition you’ll see our yearly price is about the same as their monthly price and this program is going to take the site to new heights and keep the traffic counts spinning! ACT NOW! Secure Your Spot Today!

Connecticut  USA     World

Our Online Edition will grow like wild fire and will provide a powerful advertising tool for national and international companies and organizations.   We will be creating a page for each state and each country in the world  and there will be banner advertising available at the top of each page.  The online pages will promote The Good Word around the world and will recruit local publishers for the print version.

The 2000 word article  supplied by you with links and contact info to you.  The article with relevant tags and links will greatly increase your search engine visibility. Don’t have an article?  Our award-winning journalists can write one for you.  This is  a very limited time offer. Once a Country or State is gone its gone for a year!

Don’t see your location of choice? Use the email below to suggest one and we will create it for you.  We will add a few pages each day and should have all the US states and all the countries in the world created within a month.  We will provide global and hyper local information.

Contact us at info@thegoodword.info for more details

Steve Schappert, Publisher, The Good Word.


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