Paid Journalist / Copywriters Positions for Award Winning Writers

THE GOOD WORD is searching for the best writers!  We need 100 professional journalists from around the world to write for our advertisers. The world of journalism is changing rapidly.  The Good Word has paid positions available for the right people.  The Good Word offers each advertiser a 2000 word article to be published on our blog.  If they don’t have an article we will offer to write it for them…simply stated a press release outweighs an advertisment, and search engines love content and multiple keywords.

Each week they are able to add another 2000 words so this could turn into a substantial job for many.  Each article then gets posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Obviously the articles work better for the client and helps spread The Good Word if written professionally from a journalistic stand point and for search engine optimization.

Local and global: Our focus is on Good news and good news knows no boundaries.  We need journalists that are at the top of their game for every country and every language.

To be considered: Please send a bio and picture  with complete contact info and your going rate to  We will create a page for you on our site and assist clients in choosing the best writers for them.  You get a free place to advertise your services, client gets quality content written by an expert writer in their native language. THE GOOD WORD earns a percentage, everyone is happy.


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