Fast Start Sales Program

Sales executives earn 20% commission on all sales and there is a slight residual effect created by signing customers up for yearly contracts.  Your first 5 sales will earn you a 40% commission. We understand it is difficult starting out and breaking in a new territory so we want to inspire you  to jump in and start earning fast.

Our standard advertisement is valued at $399, typically you would earn 20% on each or $80, but on your first 5 you will earn $160.  These first 5 ads must be in your first 30 days to qualify.  Our banner ads are currently valued at $150 per year and those ads will go up in value dramatically after the first print edition hits the street.  Prices will vary from $150-$1500 per year.  The fast start program applies to these as well.

Sales experience is a plus but we will train the right candidate that finds our concept inspiring, nothing sells like inspiration!  We are currently hiring in Western Connecticut and Westchester County; however, we are launching our global sales program in the next week.

Go to  to learn more

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