Good, Green Marketing Internship

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Attention Students, We Can Help You Stand Out In A Crowd!

Now you can get experience and make a difference!

Join our team today and both your resume and our website will list you as a founding member of  The Green Marketing Company & our publication, THE GOOD WORD.

Internship Description

The Green Marketing Company is a full service, advertising agency and marketing firm located in Brookfield CT.. We specialize in social media and search engine optimization. We build affordable, highly powerful online suites that get you company noticed. We are an approved reseller for GOOGLE adwordsHootsuite, Constant Contact and an Intuit Service Provider. We are building alliances with local print shops, accountants and tech support companies around the world. We believe that for growth to be sustainable it must be controlled and analyzed continuously. Our alliances will help guide our client base of small and medium sized companies, non-profits and other cause related organizations, while we focus on growth and the client focuses on their core business.

The BIOS Organization is a social, mission driven organization dedicated to promoting all that is green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient. Our goal is to accomplish missions that are environmentally, socially and financially beneficial. We are a small group of thoughtful, committed people that believe we can make a difference, and the larger we become, the greater difference we can make and the more people and communities we can touch. An internship with The BIOS Organization would allow one to become a part of a mission, as well as learn the routines of how a company such as this works. The BIOS Organization works with The Green Marketing Company to help people do well by doing good. There is a use for a wide range of majors, from environmental studies to economics to law to marketing. Someone who is in search of a learning experience and the ability to grow will be a perfect fit for The BIOS Organization.

 We are specifically looking for a product or service to market to college campuses. The Intern would help identify the product or service and develop the concept. The Green Maketing Company would then use the product or service as the baseline for its interns through out the world. An open source marketing project where students could assist in development and income. Creative minds need apply!

Application Checklist

  • Send resume.

  • Describe your dream project.

  • Include major and hours of availability.

Along with employer supervisor filling out evaluation of intern, we would appreciate interns fill out review sheet of their internship with The BIOS Organization LLC.

  • Identify pros and cons.

  • Ways of improvement; what could be changed about the internship with BIOS.

  • What was learned.

  • Review details of evaluation

Why is an internship with The BIOS Organization a perfect fit?

  • Experience is a key factor for any employer looking to hire and for one’s success in anything. Learning in the classroom can only take you so far in life.

  • Professional and communication skills will be enhanced.

  • An internship with BIOS can get you a job faster, start you with a higher salary, set you apart from other applicants, and allow you to work in your field of choice.

  • You will learn what it takes now to start and maintain a successful career. The BIOS Organization is committed to our interns. We want them to achieve success and will help them in whatever way we can, as we know an internship is a learning experience.

Did you know?

…that over 75% of employers prefer to hire graduates with work experience?

…students who intern are twice as likely to receive job offers before graduation?..

Join us today and fast track your career! Email

Much Thanks to Sarah Wheeler, our first intern, for creating this program!

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