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We must work together to bring about good in the world.                                  Would you like to get more exposure for your GOOD, GREEN, positive, upbeat, heart felt, funny stories?

Want to be a contributing writer and get more exposure for yourself and your publication?

Are you an expert in your field? Expert columnists can  submit weekly articles relevant to your expertise?  This is a great way to build credibility.  Use the email above to contact us.

To submit an article simply email us and we will create an author account for you, your articles will be published after editor review.  Your article may include a tagline and link to your website or publication.  We must work together to bring about good in the world.  Please be specific and detailed about The Good Things you do to succeed while helping people and the planet and let us know which site you would like to publish to.

We now have our global site THEGOODWORD, 15 towns in CT and we are now opening Westechester, NY   Bethel  Brookfield  Bridgeport  Danbury Greenwich Hartford  NewFairfield  New Haven  NewMilford   Newtown  Norwalk  Ridgefield  Stamford  Wilton  Waterbury    Westchester, NY


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  1. cmintrieri says:

    Do you want to know how to simplify Enterprise Resource Planning ERP)/Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) with four (4) questions? What do you want to make? (Master ProductionSchedule/MPS)? What does it take to make it? (Bils of Material (BOM) What do you have? (Inventory Record/Accuracy) What do you have to get? (Purchases/Manufactured Parts.

  2. cmintrieri says:

    In my many years of Consulting, I find that you can implement new Continuos Improvement, positive changes in a company. But, once you leave most companies, they revert back to the informal systems they had. The formal system is much harder than the old method of doing things. The old system is easier. What does this mean? It means that CONTROL and MAINTENANCE of new Continuous Imorovement concepts is the most difficult part of any new system implementation..DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze,Improve and CONTROL: the Six Sigma metodology where CONTROL is the most important element of any Continuous Improvement implementation..

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