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I'm a teacher of philosophy and theology, a music composer of soundtracks for films and an amateur photographer and filmmaker. Since the 14 years old, I've studied philosophy and theology as an autodidact. When I was 21 years old, I completed my career as a teacher of those subjects. My primary subjects of philosophy are history, art, ethics and politics, but usually I study differents aspects from other areas of the discipline.

The importance of importance. Reflexions on Whitehead

I distinguish the important from the trivial, the superficial from the fundamental, and the inherent of wisdom from the futile and pointless. I make a separation, a division. I discard and cast aside. Now, how did this happen? How could I have found something more important instead of something else? Who told me this is more important, and that is not sufficient or necessary? Could I be wrong in the selection? Continue reading

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