The Healing Power of Nature

An effort to inspire all people on their life path for the strengthening of heart, mind, and soul.

The beauty and truth of our being, the human being, is that we are not separate from any of the good of the loving creation within our spiritual essence.  Our living body is complete—subject to the laws of Nature, as our being (as in human being) is in transcendence (living interconnectedness) with all of living creation.

Wholistic Villanelles

Food To Life Protecting You: Sonnets For Life
Wholistic Definition:
Whole is an adjective that means all, complete, and sound.  It refers to the completion—or building of it with sound components.  In the form of hale, it derives from the Old English stem hal, ME hole, the Old Norse  heill, and German heil.  It means unharmed; healthy.
 ist, the next component (a suffix), means denoting an adherent or agent, from the Latin: ista and Greek: istes.
 ic, the ending suffix, means of, or belonging to, or pertaining to—from the Latin: icus and Greek: ikos
Putting it all together we have wholistic: pertaining to an agent of sound health.  Creation is more than the sum of all parts.  It reigns as eternal outer space, as the infinity within, and as the universe of us and of all living.  This, the gift of life we are, is generated from the loving forces of the living Creator to creation.
Because of the enduring art of the combined force of beauty and truth that Dylan Thomas has captured in his creation, this author was so inspired to continue in the tradition, as an effort to inspire all people on their life path for the strengthening of heart, mind, and soul.
Food To Life Protecting You: Sonnets On The Classics For Life
Timothy Ross Whelan Collected Verse To The Living
God, Neighbor & Self (For the sake of all the good*)

The entire book is published here for your personal enjoyment                                       Protecting You: Food To Life


A fighter on the U.S. AAU Boxing team, Timothy Ross Whelan competed in the USA, Canada, Yugoslavia, and Germany.  Bronze medal winner North American Championship 1976.
Timothy Ross Whelan is the author of over one thousand sonnets, hundreds of villanelles, and tons of free-verse poems.
A Doctor of Chiropractic, he delights in seeing alert humanity’s great awakening, to nurture the cure within, drug and surgery-free.
Sit back (with good posture) and enjoy  (with healing reflection) these wholistic villanelles from the Fighter-Poet-Doc
Copyright © 2003
Timothy Ross Whelan, BA, MA, DC
 All Rights Reserved
No part of this book may be reproduced in
any form without permission in writing from
Timothy Ross Whelan, author.
 First Edition  First Printing  January 2006
 Library of Congress Catalog Card number:
 Printed In The USA by Morris Publishing
 Timothy Ross Whelan
P.O. Box 904 Thomaston, CT  06787  Protecting You: Food To Life

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