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Coal Era Coming to An End

In board rooms across the country, electric companies are deciding that many coal plants, especially small, older ones, just don’t make economic sense any more. One factor is the expectation that low prices for natural gas will continue because of … Continue reading

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Free Energy Destroyed by JP Morgan: Time to take it back!

Nikola Tesla built a free energy machine in the early 1900’s. The Good news is, what ever you dream and believe and you can achieve.  We as a human species have to stand up and demand what is rightfully ours … Continue reading

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What is the Blue Economy?

Sustainability is a popular, and somewhat overused catch phrase, often misunderstood by everyone from environmentalists to corporate sales departments. But one person with a clear vision of sustainability and how ecosystem-based designs can save resources, money and time is our … Continue reading

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Simple steps to saving money and energy

Conventional energy production is dirty. Despite recent global climate summits and their often heated sessions, inaction is not reducing man-made damage to the atmosphere. While most citizens rely on legislation for protection from excessive pollution, generations of unsustainable production, consumption and toxic waste burden … Continue reading

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The New Economy

Our world is shifting. More and more of us are recognizing that what has taken place in the past, no longer is working today. We are ready for a shift in consciousness, and that readiness is affecting all areas of … Continue reading

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