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Your Home Will Be Your Power Company…Sun + Water = Fuel

In order to dispel some of the criticism over the water for fuel technology, we thought we would share what other respected authorities are working on.  The recovery act provided a  $4 million grant to Dan Nocera of MIT to … Continue reading

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Coal Era Coming to An End

In board rooms across the country, electric companies are deciding that many coal plants, especially small, older ones, just don’t make economic sense any more. One factor is the expectation that low prices for natural gas will continue because of … Continue reading

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BIOS World Peace Tour

Steve Schappert, The BIOS WaterCar & Peter Jam team up this summer to promote the BIOS World Peace Tour. We have created a lecture and music series for elementary schools similar to the presentation Schappert created for the Barkhamsted School that we will take on the road with … Continue reading

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Free Energy Destroyed by JP Morgan: Time to take it back!

Nikola Tesla built a free energy machine in the early 1900’s. The Good news is, what ever you dream and believe and you can achieve.  We as a human species have to stand up and demand what is rightfully ours … Continue reading

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72′ Convertible Mustang Uses Water For Fuel!

Victor Cruz & The BIOS WaterCar at Photo Shoot with The Bristol Press To see a change you must be the change! Our home grown alternative energy project at THE GOOD WORD is the BIOS WaterCar   The BIOS WaterCar project increased the … Continue reading

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Energy incentives get your ecological footprint off to a good start

Most citizens have difficulty grasping the enormity of the climate crisis, don’t believe they personally can make a difference or don’t know where to start to get involved. Government has yet to embrace the reality of global warming, but tax incentives … Continue reading

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U.S. Court Sides with Big Coal Agenda

A U.S. Court of Appeals recently put the health of 240 million Americans at risk. The court sided with the National Mining Association, Big Coal, and the State of Texas to strike down the EPA’s Good Neighbor Safeguard to protect … Continue reading

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Simple steps to saving money and energy

Conventional energy production is dirty. Despite recent global climate summits and their often heated sessions, inaction is not reducing man-made damage to the atmosphere. While most citizens rely on legislation for protection from excessive pollution, generations of unsustainable production, consumption and toxic waste burden … Continue reading

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Cool Energy – Low Temperature Stirling Engine for waste heat recovery and solar CHP

Welcome to Cool Energy! Powering a Clean Tomorrow® using the SolarHeart® Engine, a low temperature Stirling Engine NEWS:Cool Energy Achieves Performance Milestone INTERVIEW: Telluride Inside and Out w/ CEO Sam Weaver VIDEO:Cool Energy Introductory Video Cool Energy has developed an … Continue reading

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CONNECTICUT ENERGY AUDITS Home Energy Solutions, is a program that empowers anyone with a residential electric bill to get nearly $1000 of testing and air sealing done for a minimal fee, often only $75.  Schedule yours today!  Other programs available … Continue reading

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