Everyone should have an inspiration…

A person or thing to makes their heart sing

For all you do this song is dedicated to you ; )


2 Responses to Music

  1. Chidera Rosecamille says:

    music is a language we al understand…it raises our spirits as we make a stand..good music is inspiring,moving and works like a magic wand..get into the music,,let it take you to your fantasy..lifting you way up that u 4get to land..

  2. Chidera Rosecamille says:

    Nigerian music has its own class..posses an attribute that makes you part of the music you listen to..its more like:You are what you Listen to…there are lots of categories ranging from hiphop,fuji,reggae,highlife and so on..So many of the musicians have succeeded in combining hiphop and highlife..The likes of Flavour,9ice,M.1 and so many others..Nigerian music is upgrading to a different level now.Making the music sector one of the highest sort sectors by youth in Nigeria.. Ild bring you updates on the recent Naija songs ranging from the gaga like ones to the funny ones that makes you want to dance* azonto*

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