The New Economy

New World Order

New World Order (Photo credit: Steys)

Our world is shifting. More and more of us are recognizing that what has taken place in the past, no longer is working today. We are ready for a shift in consciousness, and that readiness is affecting all areas of our lives, especially the economic one.

As we reach for a new world, what we’re willing to accept as “standard protocol” no longer serves who we want to become. So, in business that means those companies that focus exclusively on exploiting resources, hoarding profits, and growing at all costs  are not what we would accept as the best way to attain a higher standard of living for all.

Rather, those companies that function in alignment with this natural world by supporting the living systems of the planet because those systems ultimately support us will have a good chance of surviving the shift and create great opportunities to offer everyone a more sustainable way to live. is dedicated to sharing the stories of those businesses and companies—from the small, single person enterprises to the big corporations — that have realized that the shift is happening now. “Doing well by doing good” is not just a dream; it IS the new reality.


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