Combining Entertainment & Education We will feature 50 bands and 35 Green Vendors on the CityCenter Green and band shell.
To Create A Better World. Promoting all that is good, green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy efficient.

Live, Love, Laugh & Learn

3 day events at multiple locations
30-60 bands
Comedians and dance acts

CityCenter Danbury Green  July 20-22  noon-10:30 Friday & Saturday  10-7pm Sunday
Quassy Amusement Park  July 17  6-8 pm
Quassy Amusement Park  August 22  6-8 pm
Quassy Amusement Park  Sept. 8-9  noon -6
Hartford October 5-7

The Concert will benefit The BIOS World Peace Tour, Steve Schappert and Peter Jam will spend 2 years touring 6 continents in The BIOS WaterCar, a 72′ Convertible Mustang that uses water for fuel.  The team will teach, preach and sing their way around the world.  Peace through energy independence is the theme.  Schappert has created a multimedia presentation for elementary schools that the team will present to schools along the way.

“The goal of GreenFest and The BIOS World Peace Tour is to create a powerful change in the world capable of bonding all race, creed, color and religion. We will accomplish this by spreading the BIOS Philosophy of Green, Healthy, Holistic, Organic, Sustainable and Energy Efficient living and by teaching others to do well by doing good.” -Steve Schappert

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