Visa Applications

Karina Shultz of BACC Travel can help

Danbury, Connecticut:
266 Main Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Tel: (203) 778-3500
FAX: (203) 778-5551  INFO@BACCTRAVEL.COM

Read before filling the form
– To reduce the processing time of your request please give very detailed information. – The form must be completed and signed by the applicant, and the original documentation  required must be presented in person at the consulate under which jurisdiction you are  30(thirty) days following its completion.
1. Fill in the spaces. 2. Click “SEND” to receive your processing number and the form (RER). 3. Print the form. 4. Attach your picture. 5. Sign the form. 6. Pay the fee. 7. Bring or send the duly completed and signed form, the original documentation, passaport and proof of payment to the consulate. Obs.: in case of application sent by mail, include a self-addressed pre-stamped envelope for  the restitution of your documentation.

1. Hand the filled-in form, the required documentation and the proof of payment of fees to the clerk.
2. After processing, your documents will be returned.

– The picture must be taken against an off-white plain background. – The applicant’s face and shoulders must be centralized on the camera and he or she must be looking into the camera. – No reflections, shadows or glares are accepted in the picture. – The length from the bottom of chin to the top of the head must be between  31 and 36mm (millimetres) in heigth. – The facial expression must be neutral. – The eyes must be open and clearly visible. – Glasses should not reflect any light. Neither sunglasses nor colorful frames are  acceptable (no sunglasses or colored lens accepted). – No head covering, excepting the ones used for religious reasons as long as they still enable the perfect visibility of the applicant’s face. – Children carrying toys, with pacifier or showing the hands of the adult holding them will not be accepted.



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