Child Snatching Eagle

A quick reminder that life can turn on a dime, hold your loved ones close. If you have the opportunity to pay someone a compliment or say I love you, do it!

The Good News is eagles aren’t strong enough to fly away with your child.  Full grown eagles weigh 8-12 pounds and are reported to be able to carry up to half their weight, 1/4 is a more likely target.  The average human baby weighs 7.5 pounds.  The eagle can glide downward with a much heavier weight, but can’t generate the lift.  This video was reported to be altered however golden eagles have been known to attack much larger prey using speed and momentum to push a mountain goat off a cliff. 



So there is your nature factoid of the day!

Conclusion: Be careful out there, but don’t be afraid to step outside and live your life, smile as much as you can : )

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