Survivor Stories

I Cured Myself of High-Grade Cervical Dysplasia
with Organic Food-Andrea


Your article is great.

A few years ago, I cured myself of high-grade cervical dysplasia with a 100% organic diet, and daily exercise. I was diagnosed when I was 38.

The doctors told me they wanted to take out my cervix and part of my uterus and that I probably would never be able to have children after the operation.

I was at the last stage before full-blown cancer. My research showed that few people in the last stages revert back; only in the early stages. Usually in the late stages, it progresses into full-blown cancer. I contracted years back one of the deadly strains of the HPV virus, HPV-16, from my first partner at 29 years of age.

I ate mostly raw organic and organic juices, some organic dairy, and vitamins. Everything I used was organic including shampoo, conditioner, soap, and moisturiser.

Three years after being diagnosed, I went for a pap smear, and the result came back normal. My doctor looked like he’d seen a ghost.

I am alive today because of organic food. I am living proof of the power of organic food. I did not undergo any conventional treatment.

Thank you for your article. I hope I can be an inspiration to others, although I must admit it takes a lot of commitment, courage, and support from close ones to heal oneself like I did.

Cheers, Andrea

Cancer Defeated Publications The Good Word does not endorse the concept of a cure, we do endorse the concept of alternative medicine and the power of faith.


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