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Our Mission: World Peace

INTRODUCING THE GOOD WORD Inspirational Stories About People, Planet & Success. For best experience play Fanfare for the Common Man while reading. OUR MISSION:  WORLD PEACE.  It really is that simple or complex, depending on how you look at it. We believe … Continue reading

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Mother Nature should tell us how to run our business

With exponentially rising population and demand for durable goods, Gunter Pauli‘s breakthrough book, The Blue Economy, explains why and how we can reinvent business models to operate with the ‘pervasive logic and sensitivity of ecosystems.’ In the natural world, nutrients and energy are abundant, efficiency … Continue reading

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How to go solar in your condo

Click here for a Good Dirt Radio 5-minute eco-spot on solar condos. Sunny rooftops are proving to be an excellent asset for property owners faced with rising energy costs. The benefits of rooftop solar include energy income, tax savings and … Continue reading

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Public Banking

Go to bank, get loan, pay interest, profit is funneled to 8 families that own 80% of the federal reserve, which has never been audited until now, (see story below) and does not come under congressional control. The GOOD NEWS … Continue reading

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Everything follows its own timing

So very true, nothing ever happens before it’s time… Related articles Why Is Telling The Time So Important? (mylittlemr.com) Time (mychurchebc.org) Real Love, True Beauty (poetryblogofmine.wordpress.com) Just Wait and It All Comes to You (regularteenageworld.wordpress.com) The time it takes (vickissong.wordpress.com) … Continue reading

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Howdy, partner: supporting local food growers

Throughout history, most food was local. Food was grown right where people lived until the advent of factory food the past century or so. Today’s supermarket food travels an average of 1500 miles from industrial systems dependent on large quantities of cheap fossil … Continue reading

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The New Economy

Our world is shifting. More and more of us are recognizing that what has taken place in the past, no longer is working today. We are ready for a shift in consciousness, and that readiness is affecting all areas of … Continue reading

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The Give Back Foundation

About GiveBack GiveBack was founded by Stephen Paletta, the winner of Oprah’s Big Give, a show that aired in 2008. As a contestant, Stephen traveled across the country and met people in every town who were making a difference; people giving back … Continue reading

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Wanna be part of a carrotmob?

  What do you get when you combine progressive socio-economic incentive with a vegetable? Well, of course, you get a Carrotmob! Popping up over 70 times in 20 countries around the world and with thousands of members, socially networked mobs of supporters … Continue reading

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Local Marketing Consultant Receives International Spotlight

Aug 9 Posted by thegoodwordbrookfield Steve Schappert, one of a handful of marketing professionals from around the world, has been invited to speak on green marketing concepts at Eafit University’s 10th Marketing Congress (Conamerc 2012) September 27-28 in Medellin, Columbia. Eafit University, one … Continue reading

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