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Coal Era Coming to An End

In board rooms across the country, electric companies are deciding that many coal plants, especially small, older ones, just don’t make economic sense any more. One factor is the expectation that low prices for natural gas will continue because of … Continue reading

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How to compost

Composting for Beginners By Vincent Lawrence & Steve Wagner It wasn’t so long ago that composting was considered a fringe activity, something you might find ardent back-to-the-landers doing out on their country acreage, but certainly not a practice within the realm … Continue reading

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Nibble through your yard

With food prices going through the roof, folks across the nation are returning to an age-old tradition — planting beautiful, money-saving and edible landscaping. Instead of just colorful vegetation, growing beautiful and edible yard plants can save money on the food bill, provide a very … Continue reading

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