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Teachers: agents of change for nature

Respect for nature, where does it start? Teachers, scholars, and advocates of sustainable lifestyles from all levels of education are emphatic that respect for nature starts during childhood. They say knowledge, based in healthy respect for Nature and ecosystems, is key to cultural transitions … Continue reading

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What is the Blue Economy?

Sustainability is a popular, and somewhat overused catch phrase, often misunderstood by everyone from environmentalists to corporate sales departments. But one person with a clear vision of sustainability and how ecosystem-based designs can save resources, money and time is our … Continue reading

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Howdy, partner: supporting local food growers

Throughout history, most food was local. Food was grown right where people lived until the advent of factory food the past century or so. Today’s supermarket food travels an average of 1500 miles from industrial systems dependent on large quantities of cheap fossil … Continue reading

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The New Economy

Our world is shifting. More and more of us are recognizing that what has taken place in the past, no longer is working today. We are ready for a shift in consciousness, and that readiness is affecting all areas of … Continue reading

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Out of the urban bubble

This is a story of a city guy from the ‘burbs’, finding his way out of a commercial, petroleum-based, urban bubble to live locally and in balance with the biosphere. While we may be at the peak of automatic comfort, citizens … Continue reading

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Eco Elegance…bag with a purpose

A new and growing company with a desire to make ‘being green’ a fun, funky and fantastic experience. Adopting environmentally sustainable practices is not just a fad but a necessity in the world we are living in today. Our aim … Continue reading

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The BIOS Museum of Health & Energy

The Museum in conjunction with the sponsoring tenants will provide exhibitions, special events, festivals, educational workshops, symposiums, performances, and conferences. These events will often be organized along with neighboring businesses to create awareness for the Center and “To translate knowledge and information … Continue reading

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The Green Marketing Company on Facebook

The Green Marketing Company Marketing ConsultantMarketing Consultants in Brookfield, Connecticut · Brookfield, Connecticut · Edit InfoSee AllAdmins (5)Only admins can see this section.Steve SchappertSteve WaterCar SchappertStephen E SchappertStephen SchappertSteve SchappertUse Facebook as The Green Marketing CompanyNotifications1See All NotificationsPromote with an AdView old InsightsInvite FriendsYou and The Green Marketing CompanyCyndi Dye HodsonStephen E SchappertYvonne Chisam GoodSteve SchappertTom BurkeSteve SchappertGreg Secord22 friends like this.3 … Continue reading

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About Green Living Tips

About Green Living Tips Welcome! I’m Michael Bloch, owner and editor of this site. I just thought I’d take a few minutes to jot down what Green Living Tips is all about! Living an earth-friendly life in a remote place has … Continue reading

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About SustainableBusiness.com We Help Green Businesses Grow What is our vision? A world where human activities live in harmony with the earth’s carrying capacity. What is the definition of Sustainable Business? Business that contributes to an equitable and ecologically sustainable … Continue reading

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