Victor Cruz & The BIOS WaterCar at Photo Shoot with The Bristol Press

Victor Cruz NY Giants & The BIOS WaterCar photo shoot with The Bristol Press

Victor Cruz, Wide Receiver NY Giants & The BIOS WaterCar

To see a change you must be the change! Our home grown alternative energy project at THE GOOD WORD is the BIOS WaterCar   The BIOS WaterCar project increased the gas mileage in a 72′ Mustang convertible by 58% in the fall of 2011.  We plan to increase the gas mileage by 100% this year, begin filming a documentary, and create a peace tour featuring the car at elementary schools!

Here is your chance to make a difference and increase your business! We need your help!  We will release our advertising package on January 7th. 2013. If you have interest in participating in this exciting project contact Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950.  or email

Video clip from ABC affiliate in New Haven WaterCar traveling cross-country

Movie Trailer by Comcast Cable shot for their on demand video segment 

The BIOS WaterCar: We drove cross country in a ’72 Mustang convertible with a hydrogen hybrid, that breaks down water at the molecular level to create hydrogen fuel on demand. We met with manufacturers, noted scientists and backyard mechanics with the goal of unlocking the secret to making a car run completely on water. Approximately every 1000 miles we pulled over  to hold a press conference. We were on TV 20 times, radio 15 times and the story was broadcast in the UK. When we got home Steve taught a masters class at Yale Peabody on advances in science education with the car as the special feature. We have released 2 music videos and a video on demand segment with Comcast Cable.

BIOS Philosophy Music Video

OUR GOAL: To assist in the peaceful transition from an oil based to a water based economy. We have been working to develop a reliable system, so we can give the technology away, allowing the system to spread wide and far.  The film will feature the trials, tribulations, and challenges we have overcome with the help of volunteers and those that will now be lifetime friends.  The story is about overcoming adversity with technology,  sweat, inspiration and faith. How can you help?  We will not be filing patents, we own The Green Marketing Company, we believe in teaching companies how to do well by doing good things.  We hope to create jobs and make a comfortable living knowing we did our part to help make the world a better place.

Original Investor, went on TV had lunch with Nato and died of food poisoning…

Grassroots Project: The BIOS WaterCar is a grassroots effort to find the answers to the energy crisis. Instead of one big corporate sponsor, how about we all pitch in? Great viral marketing potential from music videos to be posted to YouTube and carpet-bombed throughout the Internet, the feature-length documentary film of our adventure, interviewing real people from all walks of life (everyone is affected by the energy crisis) and the subsequent companion book of our findings. We are taking things in to our own hands and asking the people of the world to help anyway they know how. Could you send a few bucks for car parts, give us a warm bed and a cold beer, a private garage each night (don’t want to park it outside a hotel and wonder if it will be there in the morning. : ) Are you in the automotive industry and familiar with sand blasting, auto body, engines, brakes, anything at all? The car will be a work in progress, it will be a joint creation and we hope to piece together the technology and the car along the way. We aren’t doing this to file a patent, we are doing it to prove that mankind can do anything we set our minds to. This is worth investigating. I am asking you to send this to everyone you know, knowledge is power.

In depth Interview at CNN Tower Dallas Texas Was their most popular interview ever.

Video streaming by Ustream

BIOS Tour: This year we are creating The Peace Tour that will target elementary schools, radio and TV stations, festivals and other entertainment venues.   The Journey will begin at GreenFest 2013.

WaterCar music video featuring original music “This Old Car” by Dave King 

The Beginning
Steve Schappert Discussing The Importance of HHO Technology 

Overview of first Hydrogen Generator

WaterCar comes to life for the first time

Welding repairs donated by Rob Libby to keep us from falling through the floor board on the first trip.
Exhaust repairs before first trip
Going Away Party 1 week before cross country trip

Review of Second System Donated By Kevin West

Year In Review Slide Show
WaterCar interview at Rew & Who in NYC Part 1

4 Part WaterCar Interview at Comcast Studio

Steve & Kaitlyn Tarpey talk about The BIOS WaterCar and The World Peace Tour  

The Rebuild Begins we go looking for a welder, again.

Angelo Efthimiatos Hard At Work 

Working and laughing with Angelo Efthimiatos  

Angelo Efthimiatos prepping the oil pan  

Angelo Efthimiatos painting engine block  

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