Lisa Lavach

Author / Green Marketing Consultant: Dedicated To Peace, Healthy Living, Environmental Justice and My 6 Children.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and The Green Marketing Company.  As you can see I am a proud mother of 6, so it probably comes as no surprise to learn about my desire to make the world a better place.

  Being a mother as well as a woman over 40 I know how important, yet how difficult it is to maintain or implement a more holistic way of living. Busy schedules & other priorities are a constant in every day, however we need to make the time and take the steps to be aware of our own strengths and abilities to change/heal things for a better future.

 I pride myself on living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Being a certified Reiki healer, Licensed Massage Therapist and graduate of The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy; I have been able to experience the amazing connection between the body and the mind. I have gained much insight on the power of holistic medicine and apply it directly to my own life.   We are all connected and the planet has the same abilities, but we have been neglecting it for far too long.

 As my children have grown and become more independent I found myself searching for a new career and direction that I could be passionate about, The Green Marketing Company has given me that opportunity.  Whether you would like to promote or develop the Green/Good side of your business I can help!

I can feature your business, organization or political campaign on the GreenFest stage for a video interview that will make you look like the rock star you are!  Want to get the word out about the good things your company does?  Great idea, people buy consistently from people they like, so giving them reasons to like you ensures the long term success of your business.  Our new publication, The Good Word is opening in three markets covering Western CT this summer with a distribution of over 300,000 making it the largest publication in the state.

I look forward to hearing from you, feel free to email me at  Or call my cell 203-249-7791

lisa lavach


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