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27 Angels

Amidst the disbelief and grief
we search for relief
it’s hard to find the good
even though we know we should
27 angels ascended to heaven
some we knew never knew, some were brethren
the evil seeks attention
we search for prevention
take away what they seek
and they become weak
to keep those safe that you adore
turn your back on the monsters and just ignore
never mention their name
tell others to do the same
there must only be one fate for those that hate
to be erased for all time from history
cast out in silence and obscurity
honour our lost with love and purity
-Steve Schappert

Mother & Son

to a son she is the universe
the beautiful stranger that walks with grace
mother, child and love are one
the sun shimmers on her face
hopes and dreams a future to make
she nourishes body and soul
always there to offer support guidance, strength and courage without control
she is so much more
more than we can see
she will give her all to be the core
the core of everything he will be

Just a Cowboy

Awake late at night
my brain spins left, right and straight until day light
so much to think, so much to do
my real inspiration is just the two

they are brothers and sons
and all thats left when it’s said and done
been down for too long
gotta stay strong

All I say all i do has so little to do with me
each day I work tirelessly to get to a place they can be proud of me
I keep swinging, I stumble, fall, and time again I hit the wall
I can’t give up or give in, cuz I’m a fighter and ready to brawl

every time i go down I learn some more
I’ll take every kick life has in store
but I’m tellin you right now I’m done with this place
done with the heart ache and disappointment in this time and space

Don’t get me wrong, its not the end of the song
way too proud and way too strong
once again, I’m gonna kick it up a notch
I can handle the pain and I like the bite of scotch

I’m half way brilliant and half insane
but maybe that’s what you need to bring about change
if you know me at all you know I speak my mind
I speak and write to try and make sense of the grind

I’m a cowboy and a rebel always done things my way
I’ve learned that miracles happen every day                                                                               so I wouldn’t bet against me in the long run or stand in my way

Flesh and Bone

when you’ve worn the skin off your feet
and refuse defeat
when you sprint on stone
nothing left but flesh and bone

you make a decision then and there
there’s no turning back no room for despair
no hills or hurdles will get in the way
feel no pain and finish the day

go over or through
you know what to do
these are the days that forge who you are
the training and the pain that will someday let you shine like a star

To Live By

When the world knocks you down, get up off the ground
don’t be afraid to care, swear or share
say what’s on your mind and always be kind
there are many choices to make and you’re bound to make a mistake
so just be true and do what you do


Dreams do come true if you push it through past the pain and fear of being insane you have to follow your love let your wings spread like a dove Be at peace and let the complications cease

I Really Like You Alot ; )

I wanna kiss you tonight
somethin bout you seems so right
could it be the shape of your lips
or the curve of your hips

i’m really not sure yet
a little of everything I bet
not sure what this feelins all about
but I know I wanna find out

i really like you alot
you make me all steamy and hot
i really like you alot

I wanna hold you so tight
and love you with all my might
maybe its the romantic in me
I wonder if this could really be

your the one that inspires me
the last thought of the day that retires me
so hard working and passionate
the moment we met I’ll never forget

i really like you alot
your the best dream I got
i really like you alot

when I look in your eyes I realize
you’ve taken my heart by surprise
could it be you’re the one I’ve been looking for
life has closed so many doors i stopped dreamin of more

but there you stand
holding my heart in your hand
this just feels so right
I wanna make sweet love to you tonight

i really like you alot
what I want is what you got
i really like you alot

Some day someone will ask, “How did you do it?”

I will answer,
By falling 7 times and getting up 8
By staring in to the abyss and shouting, ” you can take my life, but you WIIL NOT take my soul.”
By having the strength to rise each day knowing you must create a miracle again
By looking those in the eye that say you can’t and saying, “I can, I will, I am.”

Personal Treasure

feed the brain
let the inspiration fall down like rain
dont let someone tell you, you can’t do something
let the motivation carry you forward, ask yourself what will you bring
from the highest mountain and tallest tree
reach for the stars and keep it real
pain is temporary can you bear it
can you find the courage and share it
You were meant to do more than this
and you wont get there with out practice
so get off your ass
take a step toward the head of the class
if you can’t see
who you wanna be
you’ll be lost forever
never finding your personal treasure
inside you’ll find the inspiration to lead your team or a nation

Feelings In A Jar

thought I’d be strong
but baby I was wrong
I missed talkin to you today
and it hasn’t been that long

I got used to you in my life
it feels so right
the sound of your voice
leaves me without a choice

all the things you gotta do
all the things your going through
its not who you are
you can’t put your feelings in a jar

can we make it last
and let go of the past
can we start a new way
and enjoy this day

your so quiet now
I don’t want to learn how
not gonna let you go
just don’t wanna know

all the things you gotta do
all the things your going through
its not who you are
can’t put your feelings in a jar

been down that lonely road before
I know how to embrace the pain
Walk the line or go insane
Gonna take a chance and see what’s in store

I believe in you
and all the things you do
all the things you never say
always looking for another way

to let me know
without letting your feelings show
that you care
and want to share

all the things you gotta do
all the things your going through
its not who you are
can’t put your feelings in a jar

30 Spokes

30 spokes upon a wheel
directing energy to the hub
making progress real
A handful of sand will make a glass
fill it with wine n feel fine
finish the bottle n fall on your ass
doors and windows make a room
the space in between
is where familes bloom
share a meal or sing a tune
each one a useful thing
the space within
gives life meaning

A Country Road

life is like a country road
many twists and turns unless you’re a crow
be thankful for the scenic byways along your path
when in need just ask
people, places and moments make life worth living
life is a journey, a collection of moments and giving
focus on the complications
and your life may never leave the station
each day starts a new
and the destination is up to you

I’m Not Afraid

so take my hand
now is the time to free this land
democracy … tyranny
whats the difference
nothing but words
you gotta open your mouth
to be heard

why do you just sit there
don’t you care
all the apathy and bull shit
is more than I can bare
I’m here to inspire you
create a fire in you
renew passion and desire for you

so take my hand
invite a fan
be everything you can

democrats and republicans
what’s in a name
when Its all the same

I’m tellin ya right now its up to
me and you
we gotta see this through
and there’s so f’n much to do

we need energy
we want ecology
cant wait for the fix
its just not likely

so help me or bite me
i know it’s a pain
but we can’t refrain

today is the day
there is no other way
tell a friend

pass on the story
remember the days
of faded glory

will you pass it on to your children
will you begin
will you take a stand
or take command
say yes and start to demand

a better life can be found
but not by standin round
i kick and scream
but all I get are lies
and broken dreams

i need something real
it’s how I feel
so I’ll keep on talking
i’m crawling… I’m walking
but God knows I aint balkin

cuz I’ll do what it takes
and I’ll make mistakes
go ahead
and kick me in the head
cuz I wont break

i’m Gonna stick to my guns
keep pushin till its done
love or hate me
just don’t matter
aint gonna make me any sadder

cuz I’m a man with a mission
and my colors don’t run

~ Steve Schappert  (inspired by Marshal Mathers and 6 hours in a jeep with my 16 year old son)

Just Me

reaching deep
using the pain
better my life or go insane
breathing deep
stepping forward
to find the reward
loving deep
taking my time
a feeling to make my heart rhyme
i’m just me
tough positive confident outside
tender hurt and broken inside
i will never give up
not afraid to cry
not afraid to die
i’m just me
i stand strong on this journey called life
i express original independent thought
i speak my mind
i am not afraid to be me


I believe In the power of good and evil I choose good I believe in leaving the world a better place I will sacrifice for my children I believe an idea can change the world I am not afraid to take a … Continue reading →

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your love is like a rose I love watching it blossom each day another petal opens revealing a sliver of your beautiful heart day after glorious day we grow closer soon very soon it will be in full bloom our … Continue reading →

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Someone Like You

the thought of someone like you is what I dream of So much to plan so much to do and to myself I will be true   2 parts inspiration one part love don’t ya know it feels like heaven … Continue reading →

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Father’s Day

on this special day searching for the words to say how much I care and want to share   You’ve done so much my heart is touched everyday I am thankful for your love   I will share with you … Continue reading →

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in sync

  We become what we think stand tall, proud & positive to push the limits of what will be head & heart must be in sync


you were broken so was i are we too far gone I thought i’d try ****** you build me up I make you cry tears of joy i wonder why ****** could it be it’s meant to be it’s been … Continue reading →

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She steals my frown when I’m feeling down puts a smile on my face even when she’s not around a connection so deep and real it’s how I feel no need for satin or lace she has her own appeal She’s … Continue reading →

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Life is not sentimental it treats all things equally those with wisdom are not sentimental they treat all people equally life is empty and infinite you get out what you put into it you can search high and low disappointment … Continue reading →

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An Empty Bowl: A Rhythmic Tao Interpretation

It is like an empty bowl you try to fill it but there seems to be a hole bottomless and fathomless never ending when you fall it just might be the beginning of it all it will round the edges … Continue reading →

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Poem: Walking

I’ve been out walking just myself and I doin all the talking a lonesome road on the way to that place burdened with an image and a feeling i try to erase You know what I mean we’ve all been … Continue reading →

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