Good Dirt Radio

Good Dirt RadioGood Dirt Radio™ reports inspiring and educational stories about people helping to solve environmental challenges affecting life on Earth. We share positive environmental ideas and actions that individuals, families, businesses, and communities can embrace.

Good Dirt Radio’s mission is to educate the public about the connection between individual actions and a healthy future for our planet and encourage citizens to embrace positive solutions. By enthusiastically reporting on simple, creative, resource and energy-saving examples from around the country, we seek to inspire listeners to replicate these actions. Our goal is nationwide distribution of our programs supporting the emergence of a grassroots environmental movement committed to a renewed, deeper, more positive relationship with the world that supports us all. As a non-profit organization, we have no political or religious affiliation.

We welcome your ideas, stories and feedback.

Watch a video about what Good Dirt Radio is all about.

Here are Good Dirt Radio audio stories that you can find on The Good Word:

Communities get behind solar gardens

Do you live with energy ghosts?

Can you go green if you rent? You bet.

Eco brokers help with smart housing choices


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